German Shorthaired Pointer



More balls

Parts of balls!


The beautiful Henri is a regular at her local cafe. Accomanying her dad, Ned, Henri can be found hustling for cuddles, treats or even a sip of your coffee. I instantly feel in love with Henri’s sweet nature, as did my pup Remy, and they have been wonderful friends since.

Both Henri and Ned were super excited to share her cafe adventures with Roam & Wander, even putting together a little bio together on Henri’s short yet super fun life thus far which you can read below.


Name: Henrietta (Henri) Wingett-Clark
Dob: Jan 6 2018
Breed: GSP
Speciality: Hunting (I’m a pointer so my task is to find Deer and Birds and point towards them... I’m very stealthy and I have a great sense of smell....)
Favourite things: Balls, more balls and even parts of balls!
Favourite TV: SBS Rex in Rome
Favourite Sport: Anything with balls.... tennis is great!
Favourite person: I specially like small people and people who play with my ears and tell me how beautiful I am.
Favourite band: Bow Wow Wow
Favourite place: North Melbourne Off Lead Park.
Favourite food: Yours
Favourite thing in life: Chasing balls and birds, breakfast and sleeping on my “Mum”.
Things I Hate: Bad behaviour, meanness, Puppy Boot Camp
When I grow up I want to be: A companion therapy Hound....
Things I really want: World Peace, the end of Live Animal transport (anywhere), Greyhound Racing and Korean Cuisine to stop chomping my pals!!