Hi I’m Romina,

I started Roam & Wander Pet Photography after the realisation that working with animals is my true calling in life. I have always loved all animals, big and small, and am a proud fur mum to my pup Remy and rescue senior cats Miss Evita and Nala. All of my pets, bar one, have been rescues and I believe there is no better feeling than giving an animal another chance at life. Despite all this, it wasn’t until recently that I realised I wanted to do more for animals in need, to help make a difference to as many lives as possible. And what better way to do so than to use my skills in photography.

Roam & Wander Pet Photography captures everyday special moments to creating lasting memories, all while helping local animal rescues. What makes Roam & Wander Pet Photography truly unique, is that 5% of proceeds from all packages is donated to an animal rescue of the clients choice.

Roam & Wander Pet Photography comes to you. Whether it be the comfort of your own home, the local park or your favourite cafe, I am all about capturing the natural, everyday moments in life and that special, unique bond between pets and their humans. That bond, that only pet owners truly know.




Duties include:

Cuddling cute animals

Photographing said cute animals

Helping raise money for animal rescue




Weekend road trips




Duties include:

Being adorable

Providing Photographer with cuddles at all times

Sleeping on the job


Going to Grandma’s house

Being the center of attention

Sleeping in

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